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Customized Air Cooler

By adopting variable fin space and feed liquid for return air, air cooler for quick-freezing is applicable to various instant freezer, which can ensure quick-freezing and make frozen food dry slowly with high quality and long time for defrosting; stainless steel tube for heat exchange can ensure health and safety.
Product features:
● Excellent chilling effect, low noise, long cooling range and stable operation
● Floating coil technique, safe and reliable structure and long service life
● Forward fin arrangement to ensure minor temperature difference between fin surface and inlet air and slower the frosting
● Copper pipe can be selected as heat exchange tube and aluminum sheet with hydrophilic film as the fins. Italian tube expanding equipment and technique are employed to ensure high heat transfer efficiency of evaporation coils
● Automatic welding process and equipment ensures product quality
● The housing can be made of galvanized sheet covered with electrostatic powder paint or stainless steel plate
● Stainless connectors and fasteners are adopted
● High-quality low-noise Germany axial flow fan is employed to ensure service life
● Electric heating defrosting or air defrosting method is adopted
● Versatile product type and extensive applicationCustomized Air Cooler

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